Autism In Real Life

Episode 1: New Beginnings - An act of bravery

August 31, 2021 Ilia Walsh, Executive Director of The Spectrum Strategy Group Season 2 Episode 1
Autism In Real Life
Episode 1: New Beginnings - An act of bravery
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Welcome to Season 2!!  I have lots of great interviews and content coming this season.  Looking forward to sharing with you! 

I have also started adding transcripts for this season.  Let me know what you think!

Hello, and welcome to the autism in real life podcast. In each episode, you'll get practical strategies by taking your journey into the joys and challenges of life with autism. I'm your host, Ilia Walsh, and I'm an educator and the parent of two young adults, one of which is on the autism spectrum. Join me as I share my experience and the experiences of others. So that we may see the unique gifts and talents of individuals on the autism spectrum, fully recognized.

Hello, everyone, and welcome. This is aliah with the spectrum Strategy Group. And welcome back to season two, I am so excited to be here. And to be able to share information with you all again. And you know, I've taken a couple of MONTH break. Some of you might be aware that I have moved and I made a significant move across the country. So it's taken me a couple months to get through that process. But I'm really happy to be podcasting again, and being able to connect with you all again. But I wanted to talk a little bit I know ending last season, I talked about, you know, transition, and making change. And you know, coincidentally enough or maybe not so coincidentally, I'm starting Season Two in September and September for me has always represented a new beginning. And I you know, I was I was kind of always on this school calendar. And, you know, whether it was my own education, and then becoming an educator, and then my kids being in school, and then also working with families. You know, it's always been centered around sort of this second beginning of the year to me, which is the September back to school timeframe. And it got me thinking a little bit about Yes, transition and transitioning back to school. And this year, we have a lot of that happening for a lot of different reasons, you know, maybe we're moving back to face to face for the first time, maybe some people are still hybrid, maybe you're transitioning to a new school or a new grade. Or perhaps you're going on to higher education. I mean, who knows, there's a lot of beginnings for me that makes sense in this September timeframe. And so, you know, I, I think about this back to school timeframe, and, you know, particularly moving into a new school or a new grade. And also those who are moving into maybe a new job, or, you know, going to college, you know, right out of high school or getting that new job right out of high school, I think of it as an act of bravery. Because I think, you know, I also know, adults who have gone back to school at a later age, you know, are picked up, you know, where maybe they had paused or maybe decided to change careers and go back to school. And I think that making that new change is definitely feels to me like an act of bravery. And I know, the reason why I say that is if you're stepping into the unknown, and you're stepping into an environment and a stroke and circumstance that you know, you're excited about, but you're really not quite sure where you're going to go. And I kind of feel like that with with my move. I'm not going back to school at this point. But it's stepping into this unknown. And I believe we're all hoping for growth. But with that process comes a lot of uncertainty, some insecurities, some challenges, and I know for many people that I've worked with, and young kids going back to school, that this can also be a very anxiety provoking time. leaving home, maybe you've had security of being around with your family, or perhaps as a parent, your your kids are kind of starting I spoke to one parent the other day and she has little ones who just started school and that's a that's a process. It's a it's a transition for both parent and for child. So I think you know, all of those steps are sort of in this act of bravery where we're sort of just taking it on faith that we're going to grow and we're going to move forward and I think Recognizing that there are going to be challenges but that the overall outcome is greater than what the challenges are that are facing us. And that, you know, we trust that the right tools and the right support and the right strategies will be in place, or that we can find them so that we can make it through those obstacles, so that we can get to the desired outcome and whatever that might be for you.

So you know, with that, I welcome you to season two. And I can't wait to chat more about different topics. And if you have any ideas for topics, again, feel free to reach out to me on any social media messaged me, and give me your thoughts and your ideas. And I'd love to be able to explore different topics or perhaps even have you on the podcast. So I have a, you know, a great lineup so far of speakers. So I'm really happy about that and grateful to them for working with me, and have some really sweet surprises coming up. So definitely, definitely stay tuned. And please, please listen in, and I'll talk to you later. Take care. Thanks for listening to autism in real life. This is Ilia Walsh. And if you liked the show, please hit subscribe so you can get notified each time a new episode is released. I also offer training consultations and parent coaching. I would love to help you in any way that I can. You can check out my offerings at the spectrum strategy calm and when you join my email list. You can get a code to receive a discount off of an online class or a coaching session. Looking forward to hearing from you. Take care and see you next time.

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